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Spirit and professionalism define the work of equine photographer Amy E. Riley.  Since launching Studio Equus in 1999, Amy has been in high demand. Her work has garnered numerous awards and has been published nationally and internationally in feature articles, calendars and targeted promotions.


As a consummate media professional as well as an accomplished rider and competitor,  Amy understands what makes a winning impression.  Her versatility extends to event and documentary photography, promotional and sales media, stock and commercial images, as well as creating personal galleries for prestigious facilities and international competitors.


 As a fine arts baccalaureate candidate, Amy once took a horse up a freight elevator for a studio shoot in downtown Boston — but she knows just about all assignments happen in the great outdoors!   Game, inventive and weatherproof, she has traveled throughout the US and Europe working on client accounts and her fine art portfolio.  She has documented the traditional riding schools and farms of Portugal, shot portraits on the beach on the West Coast at high tide,  hung off the side of pickup trucks and castle walls, and patiently waited in open pastures to capture mares and foals at play.  Her commitment to the defining image is evident throughout.

What can I do for you?

Equine Services

Personal Portraits, Stallion Promotion, Sale Horse Media (including video), Fine Art, Stock/ Commercial/ Print Advertising, Web Design


Senior Portraits, Family Portraits, Engagement/Couples Portraits, Boudoir, Maternity, Family Pet Sessions.


Experienced Wedding Coverage, Packages to suit most budgets.




Equine and Portrait shoots dates will not be considered "booked" until a non refundable $75 deposit is recieved. Proofs will be posted online for a limited time. Studio Equus accepts Cash, Check , MasterCard and Visa. We also accept paypal, however a processing fee may be applied. Mileage rate for 2014 is $1.00 per mile and applied 60 miles beyond 02330.

Pricing for shooting sessions and creative fees. Files, Prints, CD with edited images and Printing Rights purchased separately

Equine Services

One Hr Photographic


One Equine, One Location, One Hr. An additional equine can be added for $75

Half Day Photographic


Three hrs of shooting, one location, up to 4 horses. Additional horses can be added for $75 each for a max of 6.

Full Day Photographic


Six hrs of shooting, one location

Studio Lit Session

Lights! Camera! Action! Let me transform your barn aisle or indoor into a photo studio. Ideal fot the ultimate portrait. Gather barn buddies, some wine or favorite beverage, and don your favorite ball gown. Please email for rates.


Can be added to Photographic sessions. Perfect for sale horse promotion. Please email for rates.


One Hr Photographic


One hr sitting, one location, multiple family members, pets included. Online Proofing.

Session CD


Photo CD with printable files from your session (up to 5 x 7) Includes custom case.


Packages start at $1800. Engagement sessions come standard with all of our wedding packages. Please email for complete list of packages and contract.

Web Design

Responsive web design for your business. Competitive rates, Specializing in redseigns email for rates

Graphic Design

Cards, Ad , and more! Please email for custom quote


My approach to photography is simple, despite the nature of the craft. Horses have been in my life since the moment I hit the ground running -- maybe even a little before!

Growing up with horses has given me a deep sense of their habits and movements, allowing me to anticipate their reactions and frame the images almost before they happen. I have developed this talent over many years, honing my photographic skills to match my innate empathy for the horse. My desire to capture each horse's individual expression is what compels me, and what I attest my success to.

My shooting style is adaptable and fluid. Confidence in my technical knowledge allows me to concentrate on the subject and obtain clean, captivating, well-composed images. Anything can happen on a photo shoot ----- when things don't go as planned, I stay flexible. My ability to improvise and remain patient means I'm able to create opportunities within every shoot. My equine knowledge means that clients are comfortable with my suggestions, and the results are beautiful images and repeat bookings.

I founded Studio Equus in 2004, after graduating from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, in Graphic Design. I received an excellent foundation in visual studies, and at the brink of the great switch to digital technology, was fortunate enough to have participated in one of the first "Fine Digital Imaging" classes ever offered. While I miss swimming in darkroom chemicals and spending quality time with enlargers, I fully appreciate the advantages of the digital world today. I am thankful for having real darkroom experience, and feel it gives me an advantage in producing technically sound images through current digital techniques.

My equine experience allows me to always show the horse at their best. The technicality of a sale horse shoot is not for the faint of heart. You want the very best of your horse to shine through. As an accomplished breeder I know what it takes to make people take notice. I count farms, companies, private owners, and elite athletes as my clients. My stock and editorial work has appeared in commercial, catalog, and print media worldwide. Dover Saddlery, Stateline Tack, Horse.com, Horse Illustrated, Baroque Horse Magazine, Welsh Review, Back In the Saddle, SmartPak,Inc., and Mead to name a few.

I have covered many equine events both locally and coast to coast. With the close of 2013, I have made the decision to focus primarily on individual shoots. My archived images are available as fine art prints, to the decorating trade and at select galleries. I continue to shoot and perfect my craft, and have shifted my business model towards an emphasis on portraiture, both equine and human. I am opening up my schedule to book more personal portraits, engagements, and weddings. This is the first year we've actually advertised our engagement and wedding services, as all our bookings have been word of mouth thus far. We have many happy occasions under our belt thus far and are looking forward to taking on more.

There is a popular saying in photography that “you are only as good as your last image”. I build my skills and expertise at every opportunity, and each time I pick up my camera, I renew my commitment to getting the defining image.

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In High School I spent many hrs in the dark room as part of the "photo club". Keene State college was my first college where I had the chance to work in the dark room maintaining the chemicals while I worked on my music degree. After a year I decided to switch gears and focus on a degree in graphic design which led me to Northeastern University. It was there that I had the opportunity to take several photo classes in dark room techniques ( including color processing). In my final year I was introduced to the digital realm and I was off and running from there. I find that my dark room education has translated well and allows me to be at my technical best in my now digital dark room.


I shoot with top of the line Nikon Pro bodies (D3, D4,) and always have a back up body in the rare chance of technological failure. I also use Nikkor lenses. My "go to lenses" for my Equine work are the 70-200 2.8 and 300mm.


As a rule I don't typically allow painters and other media artists to replicate my photographs. The thought being, it was my moment and I saw it, dreamt it , and produced it. I feel that while it is ok for artist to admire one another and be inspired, we should not look like carbon copies. That being said, I don't mind replications with the intended "spirit" of my work or similar subject mater, but do request that your own style and expression apply. *Personal works of art from my images that are not intended for resale or mass production, are allowed. I'd love to see them!


As of January 1, 2014 all of our online databases have been archived. Your photos are still located on our hard drives and they can be retrieved and re-posted online for $45. Please send us an EMAIL with the detail of your shoot, date location.. etc. to request your gallery.